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PaperPark is a document management system (DMS), make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable with optical character recognition (OCR) while allowing secure accessibility at the time of need.

The Integrated products suit includes:

1.PaperPark CM

PaperPark Document Management – documents transfer into electronic file.  PaperPark is processing the files in centralization that simple to access & manage.

 – Manage all types of Document File Formats

 – Office Automation

 – Search & View Functions

 – Security

2.PaperPark Capture

PaperPark Capture – Document Scanning & Indexing Sub-System.  Scan Image & Information

PaperPark is able to PaperPark is able to support to a variety of scanners, capture high-volume content from scanners, email, web forms and desktop applications. Then, processing the paper documents from any file format into indexing sub-systems.

3.PaperPark Flow

PaperPark Flow Retrieval & Distribution Workflow Management.

4.PaperPark into services (SWAS)

Software with services.


We supports the collection, scanning, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium.

Our customers trust us with their valuable data and content.

– LPMS (Legal Practice Management System)

– HR PFile digitization and Management Solution

– Prove-of-Delivery Processing and Management for goods distribution Companies

– Customer Files Lodge Management, Digitization and Management in Finance Institutions

– Contracts Digitization and Management System

– Document Digitization & Indexing Solution for BPO Organizations

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